Review team

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Working Group

  • The Working Group is an international collaboration of surgeons and anaesthesiologists, chaired by Professor Francis Bonnet
  • The Working Group review in detail the evidence from the procedure-specific systematic review, as well as the transferable evidence, the clinical practice information and the draft recommendations agreed at the Subgroup meeting. For each analgesic, anaesthetic or surgical intervention, the group first comes to a consensus about the applicability and relevance of transferable evidence and clinical practice information. The group then refines each recommendation according to consensus, considering all of the evidence and information. The process is described in more detail in subsequent folders


  • Consists of at least two members of the Working Group, and occasionally a clinician external to the prospect group, who have particular expertise in the operative technique to be reviewed. May also include an expert member of the data analysis team
  • Advises on literature searches, assesses the level of evidence of each study, performs a detailed review of the summary ‘Outcomes Document", identifies relevant transferable evidence, and agrees a draft of the clinical practice information and recommendations for procedure-specific postoperative pain management

Data Analysis and Medical Writing Team

  • Work closely with the Subgroup and Working Group to coordinate literature searches, review abstracts and papers, assess quality and level of evidence of each study, create data tables, carry out qualitative and quantitative analyses, draft the summary Outcomes and Review documents for review by the Subgroup and Working Group, collate comments of Subgroup and Working Group, prepare the final version of the Review document which is subsequently presented on the prospect website

Information Specialist

  • Provides advice on literature search terms and performs literature searches